#1 Sign Your Resume is Outdated

In today’s economy it’s harder than ever to get a job when you are competing with HUNDREDS of qualified people.  In many cases, the economy has forced people with highly developed skill sets, major college degrees, and tons of experience to apply for jobs they are overqualified for.  (For example, remember the ad in Florida Today about the man with an MBA who is now a bagger at Publix?)  With this in mind, you can bet your competition in the job market is tough to say the least.  There are hundreds of people competing with you for every job you’re interested in, and you can bet several of them are more qualified than you too. 

So how do you stand out?  How do you get recognized?  How can you show your prospective employer that you are relevant to their company? 

Is your resume relevant?  Or is it totally old school and majorly outdated? 

The #1 sign that your resume is outdated is if you have an objective section on your resume.   This is a very old school, passe technique in resume writing.  BEWARE if you are being given resume writing or job search advice and someone tells you about an objective. 

Let’s think about it… Your resume is the most important marketing tool you can possess.  It outlines your skills, abilities, education, professional expereince, accomplishments and achievements, etc.  Your resume should be completely focused on a specific career path.  If you have more than one prospective career path, it’s a good idea to have more than one resume.  The resume should be targeted towards the prospective job target. 

So if your resume is so vague that it has to have an OBJECTIVE SECTION… (To acquire a full time position as a __________ in which I can utilize my organizational skills and help contribute to improving your company productivity.) then let’s face it, YOUR RESUME IS NOT DOING ITS JOB!

Your resume’s CONTENT as a whole should already clearly state your objective, without really stating it.  Plus, the very fact that you are sending in your resume implies that you are interested in that position.  Do you really need to say it at the top of your resume?  Resume real estate is very valuable, don’t waste space with needless (and silly) things. 

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