What does SEO have to do with your resume?

Search Engine Optimization, it’s so important these days.  Your website doesn’t get attention unless you’re properly optimized, right?  It has to have relevant keywords so that when someone is searching for things relevant to them, or a need they have, then they find YOU to meet their needs! 

So what does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have to do with your resume? 

One of the biggest technological changes in the employment/hiring industry today is the incorporation of software and algorithms that are used to read your resume.  That’s right, people don’t sift through stacks and stacks of resumes anymore, there are just too many.  Most of the time when you upload your resume to apply for a job, it gets sent through scanning software that is searching for keywords that are relevant to the prospective employers’ needs. 

So, just like your website won’t get attention unless it’s properly optimized, it’s the same with your resume.  It will never find itself in the hands of a hiring manager, a real live person, to be impressed and wowed by its content unless it passes the software scan and GETS NOTICED. 

With today’s ever-changing technologies it’s always a good idea to have expert advice when it comes to something as important as your career.  Professional resume writers stay up-to-date and current on all the latest trends that most people might have never considered.  When you hire a professional resume writer, extensive research is done making sure that your resume is loaded with relevant keywords to that specific industry so that it will actually get read by a human… giving you a fighting chance in this competitive job market!

Feel free to call us @ 321-635-9200 or shoot us an email info@a1adminsupport.com if you have any questions or need any advice regarding writing your resume. 


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