Social media in Brevard… will it linger or stinker?

Just read this great blog by a great guy we met at Brevard’s 2nd Tweet Up at Viera Pizza Gallery & Grill at the Avenue (Cesar Abueg).  I thought it beared repeating and is full of good stuff.


Brevard Gets Social, Will It Linger Or Stinker – Cesar Abueg – Wednesday, 09/15/2010

It was a pretty exciting week. We had our first ever Tweetup in Brevard. Thanks to Space Coast Business & Pizza Gallery & Grill for sponsoring and hosting the event. If you weren’t there you can follow the discussion with the hastag #getsocialbrevard.

If what I just said, went over your head, no worries. Its just Twitter talk. Hopefully the image below will shed some light.

Now the question is, will this keep going, or will it eventually die down? Brevard is known for its techy industries, but not for its locals being all that techy or up-to-date with new marketing technologies. I hope I’m wrong, because being a local myself, I’d like to think we’re up to par with the rest of the country. But honestly, that’s just wishful thinking.

So what will it take for Brevard County to step up to the social media challenge and get everyone on board. I think Andrew Gall, of Space Coast Business, said it well, and I’m paraphrasing, “…that having this 1st Tweetup is a start.”

Here are some things I believe needs to happen:

  1. Believe In Social Media (You saw the numbers, if not, see it again here.)
  2. Learn How To Be More Social In-Person & Off (People do business with those they know, trust and like.)
  3. Embrace Change (Learn new stuff, or the competition will.)
  4. Start Building & Stop Selling (Build relationships, stop shoving your business card down someone’s throat.)
  5. Collaboration & Healthy Competition (In today’s market, the one with the most help, wins. You can only do so much alone.)
  6. Humility Not Humiliation (Don’t think you’re better than others, you may just learn something.)
  7. Service More Than Leadership (We all want to take the reigns, but lets think of the greater good first.)

“I wrote this because just like you, I want Brevard to succeed.”

It would be great to see people working together in mutual respect, and ownership. That way we can all run our businesses successfully and ride this storm of economic difficulty.

I didn’t say it was going to be easy, nothing worth doing ever is.

To close up, I would love to know what you think about what I just said. Maybe you disagree or agree with me. Better yet, you got something to add, will give you credit if you do.

Regardless, speak your piece and let everyone know how we can all make a positive change. If you use twitter, please, leave us your handle and comments below. This way we can connect further and who ever reads this can connect with you.

Here are some pictures I took for the event, its on Facebook:

Here’s a great article on building online communities: (thanks Andrew for sharing)

You can follow Cesar Abueg’s blog at

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