Building Business Relationships — Introducing the All New Hybrid!

Everywhere you look there’s so much hype surrounding hybrids. It’s the new thing. Long ago a mixed breed dog was considered a mutt but now they are the trendiest thing and super popular. What used to be a mutt is now called a hybrid. They’ve got a hybrid called a Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle). It’s a Schnauzer that’s hypoallergenic! Turns out that mixing things and creating fusions is not so bad after all, you take out the bad elements of one thing and give it the great benefits of the other.  Two great dogs, you put them together and now you’ve got an AMAZINGLY AWESOME DOG that people talk about until they’re blue in the face!

 What in the world does that have to do with building business relationships?  Stay with me here…

 Well we believe that technology is amazing.  Social media is great too.  Professionalism is always nice of course.  Business acumen, marketing, vision, innovation, and focusing on goals and the bottom line are so important.  A business that has these things down packed makes you feel so confident that they can tackle any project for you.  They are so savvy and forward thinking and instantly impress you.  So for story-telling’s sake, let’s just lump all those things together into one breed called a “Corporation”. 

Then you have the good ole boys, the old fashioned way of doing business, the ones that most of us would consider passé and “behind the times”.  Like that small-town feeling of walking into the hardware store and the clerk knowing your name, remembering what home improvement project you were working on and what the kids were doing in school.  You feel so cared about, you feel good that they remembered you.  It makes you smile inside.  You feel like you can trust these people and you know you are welcomed.  You might even feel proud that they know you so well and take your friends and family into the store with you to “show off” how well you are known.  So we will call this breed the “Family”. 

So, what happens when we take these two breeds of businesspeople, that have excellent qualities all of their own, and mix them together?  WE MAKE AN AMAZING HYBRID that has the best of both worlds! 

So to use the trendy hybrid hype lingo, we are introducing the “Famoration© … the perfect mix between Family and Corporation.  You see, people all around us are starving to connect and looking for relationship.  Although Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all of these avenues provide excellent ways of doing this connecting, it seems people are still wanting.  It shouldn’t be about how many “followers” we can get and how many we have, but rather how well we can connect with them.  As businesspeople, although providing services is what we do – we need to be all about PEOPLE!  We need to mix that good’ole down-home small town feeling with high-powered corporate technological giants, giving people the best of both worlds.

 There are basically 3 types of business relationships:

  1. Existing Customers
  2. Potential Customers
  3. Colleagues


These guys are our business’s lifeblood.  These are the ones who are loyal and who keep coming back for more and tell everyone about us.  You can never forget about these guys, they brought you to where you are today.  One way to build and cultivate relationship with them is just simply keep in touch.  Send them regular emails, call them every once in a while, care about them – not just checking to see if they have any work they need done.  You can even offer them specials and promos and so forth as appreciation.  Or you can let your REALLY long-time customers (ones that you know you have established solid business relationships with) be classified as “friends” rather than “clients” on your social media sites so they can see pics of your family and kids and hear all about your vacations, etc.  Our long-time clients LOVE the family connection and stay loyal because they feel as if they are part of our family.  They attended our wedding, they greet us with hugs instead of handshakes, call us just to say hello, etc. 


All of us want these guys to turn into regular customers, right?  Well I think we should try LISTENING and CARING.  A little listening goes a long way.  For example, we had a new first-time client who came in needing a presentation put together for her granddaughter’s school project.  She went on and on about the project and the details of it and when it was due to be presented to the class, etc. I could tell it was important to her.  Now of course, we gave her a kick-butt project, but we took it a step further.  We remembered when the project was to be presented to the class and we followed up with an email asking how the project went over with the class and what grade her granddaughter got.  This spoke so loud to the new client and she knew we didn’t ONLY care about completing projects, but that we care about the projects and the people themselves.  So in turn, this lady kept coming back for life and referring people as well!  Of course she was impressed by the professional, techy, savvy ways about us – but she was majorly impacted by the personal feel too.  So try listening to your customers when you think they are just rambling about their family and taking up all your time during a consultation and you keep trying to get them back on point, haha.  Try to remember things they say, and care, and follow up about stuff.  You’ll be surprised what an impact it makes. 


Ever been to a networking event and someone just walks up to you and asks you what you do, and you can tell they aren’t really listening to your answer and they’re just waiting for you to get done so it’s their time to talk?  How annoying!  Then they go on and on about their business and shove a business card in your face and walk away, right?  That was real effective.  They don’t ask you what they can do for you, or what kind of leads would be good for you, they don’t care about you, just looking out for number one.  I love it when I meet people at networking events and we really connect and listen to one another.  I get excited about their business and what it is doing and ask them more questions because I want to know more about them and what makes them tick.  The more I know about them, the more I know how I can GIVE THEM LEADS.  That’s right, I think we should focus on our colleagues and what they need, be a giver, make a relationship.  Even find something to connect about on a personal level (both Giants fans, both mompreneurs, etc.) and build genuine relationships that you will impact each others’ lives in a positive way.  The people that I have met at networking events that I have connected with in these ways, we remember each other, and we send each other business because we want to, because we care, not just because “I am supposed to share leads” and we tell other people about how great they are because we actually got to know them. 

 So don’t think this blog is knocking social media – no way!  Like I said, we love it to pieces and think it’s the greatest.  I am just thinking that we should all find ways to integrate the best of both worlds and want to encourage people to not let one thing lack for the sake of the other… BECOME A FAMORATION©!!!!!  If we learn to put the two “breeds” of businesspeople together we can have one awesome hybrid that people won’t stop talking about, it will be all the hype!

A1 Administrative Support, LLC

Melbourne, Florida


Twitter @virtualgurus

We provide a wide range of back-office operations, administrative support and virtual assistant services from secretarial, typing and clerical tasks, to social media marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, translation/interpretation, mobile notary services, transcription, bookkeeping, graphic design, résumé writing, career coaching and more. If you can think of something to delegate – we can do it. We serve businesses and individuals worldwide, helping them to MODERNIZE, ORGANIZE, SIMPLFY©.

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