Are you a “superwoman” who does everything and never says no?

Are you a “superwoman” who does everything and never says no?

I know I am sometimes and it absolutely KILLS MY FOCUS! I have no idea why us women are wired that way, but we tend to take on more and more and more, I guess it is because we are natural born “caregivers” and we want to “take care” of not just everyone, but everything!

Plus, I am kind of a control freak when it comes to my business, I care about it so much and I feel like others helping me won’t put in the same effort and care as I do. Every time I try to delegate a task, even if I ask my husband for help, I find myself ending up saying “Never mind, I’ll do it” a couple of minutes later. Why do we do that? Or am I the only one?

Well that’s why 75% of women in business fail…

The biggest barrier to their success is they often try to ‘do’ everything themselves, which is impossible. While they are ‘doing’ the day-day basics, there’s no time to work ‘on’ the business. There’s no time to look after their no. 1 asset… themselves.

That’s why getting help is essential. If you’re a woman in business, you need to look at letting go and asking for help. ‘Superwoman’ is really a myth.

I know one businesswoman friend of mine who has three pre-school children and spends every possible minute working on her business. Well she really wasn’t working ‘on’ it, she was working ‘in it’. She does everything including packaging orders, bookkeeping, delivery of orders and all the paperwork. She wants to make more money but she is very reluctant to let go of anything.

She also has the mentality that she can’t ’spend’ money on the business, until she makes some first. If she would outsource the menial tasks, she would easily free up her time and triple her current income, and be much happier. The business is a heavy noose around her neck. She is a perfectionist and feels that if she doesn’t play the part of Superwoman, she will fail.

Anyone relate to her? Sheeesh, I sure can! I thank the Lord that I have a loving husband who helps keep me on track now and helps keep me balanced and focused… before I got married, I was just like my friend with my business, never sleeping, always doing, never getting ahead AT ALL!

Well, I learned that freeing up your time is crucial. So once you get that part down, what do you do with that free time? You see most women in business (and also a lot of men) are unsure of what to do next and that’s why they keep themselves busy buried in paperwork and general daily busyness. Identifying what type of help you need is also vital.

Also a past client of mine wanted to get into business and thought it would be a ‘good idea’ to start a small retail store so she and her friend could be in business together. So thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of blood, sweat and tears later she was left with:

• Her friendship destroyed
• A nervous breakdown
• Her marriage broken up
• $75,000 of additional debt

The pretty brochures, advertising costs and flashy website didn’t bring in the business for her. And unfortunately a lot of women in business ‘fluff’ around and spend time and money in the wrong areas. BEEN THERE – DONE THAT TOO!!!!

So if you relate to me or my friend or client and you want to stop struggling, find out what successful women in business do!!! Every successful business woman I know continuously gets help through coaching, attending seminars, reading, finding mentors, etc. They are on a constant personal and professional development journey.

They also outsource their weaknesses and use their strengths. There is always help available and depending on your needs you can access the help you need either free or very inexpensively.

So what can you do to change your situation? If you want to achieve different results in your business, you need to do something else. So just a little encouragement to us mompreneurs out there… analyze your patterns and results, take action on something, talk to other women or businesspeople, free up some time, say no to some things, stay positive, and focus on you main objectives, breathe, and don’t forget to have fun on your adventure called life!!!!

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One Response to Are you a “superwoman” who does everything and never says no?

  1. Marie P. says:

    Oh boy…..this article really resinated with me! If I didn’t have to sleep….I could get more done!!! I think woman are both hard-wired and conditioned by society to be both care-givers and multi-taskers. Afterall…..we are mothers. Who else but the female could take care of several children, run a home, be teacher, doctor, mentor, coach, counselor, boo-boo kisser and much more. When you stop to think about it, being a woman in today’s society, requires we take on more and more. And that includes our careers. But as women, we also need to delegate some tasks to those who are willing to help. Easier said than done, I know. But with a little foresight, we can achieve anything!! You go girl!!!!

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