Year’s almost over… Do you feel satisfied with what you accomplished?

Welcome Guest Blogger Marty L. Ward, Owner, Defining Your Business

To end the last quarter with possibility and to establish a new pattern of behavior that will give you an awareness of just where you stand — take a tall, clear jar or flower vase, and fill it with 55 multi-colored marbles to represent the number of days until Jan 1st. At the end of each day, reach in and choose a marble to represent all you accomplished that day to fulfill your Goal Getting Strategy for Success. As you can see, this is a powerful image of time passing and tasks accomplished or left undone.

Many might read that description and sense a tightness in their gut as the thought “I have not done enough” ties their solar plexus (just below the center of your rib cage) in a knot so as not to feel “bad” at the end of the day. “Gotta think positive!” “Keep pushing on. I won’t procrastinate tomorrow. I promise. ” as they place the used up marble in next year’s jar.

Good news. There actually is a How to do it – not just the old what to do– to live our lives more full of joy and satisfaction and thus actually Goal Getting along the way. It does require one profoundly simple and yet seemingly difficult experience to embrace – you must FEEL your feelings and own them all as your friend. “What?”, you say, “That is it!” and “What do you mean they are all my friend? I don’t want to feel ‘Not Good Enough.’ “

Imagine you are a captain of a ship – your ship in this moment– and the Compass reads “North” and you want to head South. You have two choices: Curse at the compass and throw it on the ground and stomp on it – with that the crew knows “Oh, No! Now we will never get there!” or to say, “Thank you, Compass, for letting me know I am off course. Now I can look at what corrections I want to make to get me back on course to my destination.”

To allow yourself to relax your solar plexus so you can feel “Not Good Enough” fully and give yourself the moment to discover what wisdom is hiding just underneath that discomfort, deep breath three times through your nose and out your mouth with an “Ahhhhh. Ask: “Not Good Enough,” “What are you here to teach me today?” If you are new to Social Media, it might be that “Not Good Enough” is here to remind you to watch those free videos that you received last week on how to set up your account so you will feel Good Enough with more knowledge . Or you will feel Good Enough once you write that email to follow up with that hot prospect. As simply as that, you can turn your ship around and head to the Port of Joy and Satisfaction.

Since what we resist persists, when we shut down our feeling of “Not Good Enough” or “Sadness” or “I am a failure”, we end up with the smashed compass heading us in a circle giving us more of the same. Feelings are the Key and the only way to Unlock Your Potential. They are “The Secret” you have been searching for in all your books and courses that you have spent thousands of dollars on. Your empowerment lies within by simply tapping into who you are and befriending all your feelings. When I align with “Sadness” and ask, “Sadness, what do you have to teach me today?,” breath and listen, “Sadness” often is “suppressed joy” just waiting to bubble up and give me the energy and power I need. “Sadness” might say, “I am sad because you are not listening to me. You know just what is your next step to Goal Get this week.” Relaxed and reassured, I breathe in the joy with three deep breaths to run that new sensation through my body. Energized, I take the step needed to accomplish my goal. As you align to all your feelings and listen to what they have to say, there can be No Regrets as all feelings are “Good” and there to teach you just what you need to learn.


Special thanks to our Guest Blogger Marty Ward of Defining Your Business, A Fresh Perspective. Marty can be reached at or call today for your Free 15 minute consultation 321-848-4997.

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