Tips to Become a Successful “Mompreneur”

Mompreneur is the combination of two words, which are mom and entrepreneur. And it simply means a mom who has a business at home. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are more than 10 million female-owned businesses in the USA and the phenomenon is growing.

It is not difficult to have home based business at home and become a “mompreneur.” However, how do you become a successful “mompreneur?” What are the factors that make you a successful work at home mom and help you live the life you always dream of?

Here are some tips:

Ask Questions

Are you someone who likes to ask questions? We learn through asking and you should learn how to ask questions and ask more questions, especially questions about your business. Asking questions on how to get started, how to improve your home business, how to attract more customers to your website, etc will definitely help in your business growth.

Do not feel shy about asking questions because many others would be glad to answer your questions and help you when they can. It is always a good idea to find mentors in your field and ask them questions. Getting answers from successful people are a short cut to your success too.

Set Goals

What are your goals for your home business? You should set goals and know clearly your business goals all the time. Write down your business goals and put them somewhere you can get easily. When you tired and struggled with your business, take out your notes and refer to the goals you set.

You may divide your main goal into smaller goals or steps, and by attaining these smaller goals, you will gain confidence. Once you have confidence you will become more passionate about the next goal.

Respect people

One important thing a success mompreneur should know is how to listen, respect and help each other as often as you can. Always become a humble person. Different persons may have different views or opinions about the same topic or subject and sometimes you may not agree with their points of view. Do listen to them and do not insult, embarrass or harass people. Always treat people with respect.


Social networking is a powerful tool in business and no matter which business sector you are in, you need to join some groups or network and participate in their discussion. You may find same minded friends in the group and also share the same view. These groups of people may help your business in many ways and also they may encourage you and motivate you when you have problems. Networking groups are also a place to show your expertise and let you become known and trusted in your field.

Plan and Organize

Most of the work at home moms also need to take care of the kids during day time and thus easily been distracted. Therefore a successful mompreneur should know how to plan the time and work schedule for the work. You may not have fixed working hours but you need to know how many hours you devote to your business per week. You also need to know what tasks you must accomplish daily. List down your task and visualize them so that you would not miss out any important work.

The advantages of task lists are to manage your time more effectively and you may spend your free time with your family or do something you like when you finish the task in your daily list. You will also get motivate and feel relax when things always get smooth. You would easily feel overwhelmed and become discouraged or feel like giving up if you do not have well planned.

Don’t Stop Learning

Learning is very important and if you know how to encourage your kids to go to school and do their learning to gain more knowledge, I assume you know about the importance of the learning and education. Spend some times to invest in your own education and learn new things to improve your skills. Learning will make us a better person and self improvement is essential to our business too. Every little thing you learn will give you some ideas on how to grow your business.

Be Passionate

If you are passionate about your home business, your passion and excitement will show through to others and will reflect on your business. People will feel confident through your speaking and action when you share with them your products or services.

Although money is the motivation to get a business started, however, choose a business that you have passion in. It will help your business last long and when the business does not make you money from the beginning, you would not easily give up too. Do not just base it on the money factor and potential of business but also consider about doing something you have passion in.

Build Reputation

A business with good reputation may gain trust from others especially the customers. Good reputation will always help in business growth. When people start to develop trust on you, your business will begin to grow.

Good reputation includes the way you speak to your customers, your image and also the business profile and professionalism. Since reputation is essential to your business, you must be very clear when make decisions or do things related to your business. Try to avoid actions that will affect your reputation.

Build Relationships

Always maintain a good relationship with your customers and business related parties. Good relationships will help in your business growth and help to build a lasting business. Treat your customers as your friends and you may ask their opinions on how to give them better services. People like to have participation and this is an opportunity to let them get to know you better and feel comfortable with your business.

Offer your help when someone in your industry has difficulty. Your networking peers will also give you a hand when you need help. There is no competitor but only joint ventures or friends that you would not know.

Some questions for you

Here are some questions for you and you must know your own answers so that to become a successful mompreneur.

Why do you want to have a business?
What are the resources and skills you have?
What are your goals for your business?
How much money do you invest in self improvement?
How much time do you want to invest in business each week?

I highly suggest to write down all the answers for the questions above so that to visualize them. Once you have visualize your business goals, working hours for your business, resources, skills and funds to invest, you will follow your steps and have more confident about what you are doing.

Once you have taken your first few steps to identify the answers to all your questions and visualize them, you just need to remember the tips above and put them in practice. It is not that difficult to become a successful Mompreneur!

Moon Loh is a Mompreneur and has home based internet business. She believes moms can have their own life and enjoy financial freedom while spending time with the family members. Her motto is “There is a Will, there is a Way!” and she shares her learning curves and experiences of being a Mompreneur at Mompreneur Asia

We provide a wide range of back-office operations, administrative support and virtual assistant services from secretarial, typing and clerical tasks, to social media marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, translation/interpretation, mobile notary services, transcription, bookkeeping, graphic design, résumé writing, career coaching and more. If you can think of something to delegate – we can do it. We serve businesses and individuals worldwide, helping them to MODERNIZE, ORGANIZE, SIMPLFY©.

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