Women Who Have Their Own Business – The Making of a “Mompreneur”

The word doesn’t yet appear in Webster’s Dictionary but I bet it will be soon. “Mompreneurs” are the talk of social media.

A mompreneur is the term for women who create home businesses while simultaneously parenting their children. It not just a word but a movement, too young to be precisely tracked by statisticians.

Is a mompreneur different from the average run of the mill entrepreneur? Absolutely!

The feminine psyche is a part of this venturesome character. Motherhood has fostered many, previously unsuspecting women, along the road of business undertaking.

Some mompreneurs got started by accident. As mothers, they found needs that weren’t being met and found a better way.

A host of novel baby and children’s items were born as a result of a mom feeling a need and filling it. Think of the Boppy pillow to support nursing babies and Baby Einstein educational videos.

For other parents, the drive arrived as a result of wanting to spend the time to parent and finding a way to pursue business and income in step with their schedule.
Some professionals became moms later in life and didn’t want to give up all they had worked for in the traditional workplace. Their challenge became how to balance their commitment to parenting with their need/desire to maintain professional skills.

Technology made this easier. Women do the same work they did before but adapt it to their home workplace and schedule. Freelance writing and home accounting businesses are two examples of this adjustment.

Most mompreneurs actually work from home. They don’t miss the office commute and can reduce childcare costs if they work when the children are napping.

It can be a 24-hour a day job. The edges of the parent sphere and the work sphere can blur, not always for the best.

Veterans have learned to separate the two roles through sheer concentration. Some moms connect with others to share tasks such as carpooling to support each other. Discipline is necessary; you have to know when to just say “No!”

Do mompreneurs have the same expectations as other venturers? Not necessarily. Most women who have their own business do it for love. The business needs to be profitable enough to keep them going but their expectation, at least in the beginning, is not to make that first million.

These women anticipate that such a goal is still the domain of the full time professional who can work without distraction. Moms appreciate the intrinsic value of their role and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Imagine the surprise when these moms become successful. The recent acquisition of Silpada by Avon is one extraordinary example of what can happen. This event, albeit still an uncommon one, raised the credibility of mompreneurs.

Challenged by today’s economy, mompreneurship is a trend with staying power and potential.

Women can have it all. Mompreneurship is an evolving social and economic phenomenon that will definitely make the history books!

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