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Your business can not afford to be without Social Media. Depending on your business or service, on the internet, Social Media or Social Networking starts with a good SEO compatible website then selecting the best forms of Social Media.

Examples of Social Networking would be online communities such as MySpace and Facebook; these are very popular social networks of personal profiles, groups, blogs, photos, music and videos. Flickr is also commonly used today to share photos and YouTube is extremely popular for video sharing. There are other different forms of Social Media or Social Networking such as, internet forums, message boards, weblogs, podcasts, linking and blogging.
Social Media has different characteristics from traditional media such as newspapers, television, books and radio. The bottom line, social media depends on interactions between people or groups of people. An audience can participate in social media by adding comments, bookmarking or posting links, sharing files (websites, photos, videos, etc.), collecting connections or even just reading and following links. Content in social media can be text, graphics, audio or video. Several of the formats can be mixed and usually available via feeds, enabling users to subscribe via feed readers, and allowing other publishers to create.

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a process where content gets more widely distributed across all available Social Media networks. SMO refers to professional services that can improve a website by including or adding links to various services so webpages can be easily saved and submitted. Social Media Optimization includes good content writing that is unique and informative. SMO services can popularize your website via multiple social media outlets and off-page work can include getting involved in other blogs, forums, and niche networks or communities.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM involves utilization of all Social Networking platforms to brand your product or service website using techniques of effective mechanics and communication to the end user and consumer. By getting your website well-known on all the different social media networks, you are spreading the word about your company to all the search engines as well seeing as they crawl through all those social networks.

Social Media Marketing or SMM is marketing to achieve branding and internet marketing using Social Media or Social Networking. Social Media Marketing would be lost without effective and proven Social Media Optimization. This usually involves a campaign which differs for every business or organization but will build brand awareness, increase visibility and get feedback with dialog to possibly sell a product or service with measured results.

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