Virtual Assistants Can Help Internet Marketers Grow Their Business

Cover of "Grow Your Business"

Cover of Grow Your Business

A virtual assistant can help you if you’re an internet marketer who wants to grow your business bottomline. Virtual assistants can handle some of your specialized daily tasks and your administrative support tasks. And they do it from their office, not yours. By outsourcing tasks (even ones you’re capable of doing yourself) to a virtual assistant, you’re able to spend your time strategically growing your business and working on bottom-line functions.

A virtual assistant works virtually, thanks to technology like email, telephone, fax machines, postal mail and courier services. You won’t have to provide an office space or office equipment for your virtual assistant. VAs, as they’re sometimes called, already have that. Plus you won’t have to pay a virtual assistant benefits or a salary. A VA is not your employee but rather an independent contractor. Virtual assistants can work for you on an hourly basis, project basis or on a monthly retainer basis.
So just what can a virtual assistant do for someone in the internet marketing profession?

For starters, a virtual assistant can help you with mundane tasks like article content distribution. Or she can maintain your databases (yes, a virtual assistant can work remotely with your computer from hers). A VA skilled in HTML and Website production can make updates and changes to your website on a regular basis freeing you to create more concepts and ideas.

Virtual assistants can handle creating and mailing your electronic or print newsletters and answering your routine customer service email. A VA can help you create and design your electronic books and reports. Your VA can even sort your email and send the more personal or technical questions to you to handle while handling the rest independently. If you like, your VA can help you with your bookkeeping.

That’s just a small dose of what a virtual assistant can do to assist you with your internet marketing business. Different virtual assistants have various skill levels. Many VAs are highly skilled not only in administrative support tasks like database entry and email blast distribution but also in specialized tasks like press release creation. Plus your virtual assistant can distribute the press release for you. Your VA may know more than you about computer hardware and software as well as accounting procedures and Internet research. Then again, you might prefer to hire a virtual assistant with less skills and a great attitude so you can train her or him in the particular ways you like to do things.

When you “hire” a virtual assistant, you will interview him or her over the telephone. Your goal is to learn if that VA has the skills and attributes that you’ve decided you want in a virtual assistant. Plus you’ll want to discuss how the two of you can best work together remotely, such as you prefer the telephone, email or both, as well as how often you want to touch base with your VA. You want to know all of this because if you choose right then your virtual assistant can be with you a long time.

Once you find a virtual assistant that meets your criteria, you will want to develop a long-term working relationship so that you can call on this VA for years to come. That doesn’t mean you have to work with the first VA that comes along for life. Sometimes relationships don’t work out as planned in any business work relationship. But once you find a virtual assistant that you work well with, you’ll want to give serious consideration to putting him or her on retainer. That way your virtual assistant will be there for you year-round to help you grow your business.

Yet know that a good virtual assistant doesn’t necessarily come excessively cheap. Every VA sets his or her own rates, some lower or higher than others. When you do invest in a virtual assistant to whom you can outsource many of your mundane and skilled tasks, you’ll be making a positive move for your internet marketing business. You are just one person. You can not grow your business to the financial level that’s possible by doing it all yourself. Invest in a virtual assistant who has top notch skills, a good working attitude and a willingness to do things your way when training is necessary. Then you’ll have a partner for life who will help you grow your internet marketing business.

And the best part is a virtual assistant will never move away and leave you. Since he or she works virtually with you, your virtual assistant is always a phone call, instant message or email away. And yes, virtual assistants do respect your confidentially (though you should always put this type of clause in your contract with anyone you outsource work to). Your internet marketing secrets are safe with your VA. Your virtual assistant will be an important and loyal business “partner” for the life of your business.

Read more about  how you can utilize the services of a virtual assistant at if you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant now.

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