Social Networking Mompreneurs – Balancing All The Jobs Of A Stay At Home Mom

Semiotics of Social Networking

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Per a recent Slate article, Dutch women have cracked the ‘secret’ work-life-balance code. This code is the holy grail for social networking mompreneurs. These moms want to know how to balance all the jobs of a stay at home mom. For some reasons, that subject was not included in the traditional school curriculum, even for those who actually listened during home-ec.

According to Slate, Dutch women have the best of all worlds. They are happier, better adjusted women who “work half days, meet their friends for coffee at 2 pm. and pity their male colleagues who are stuck in the office all day.”
I fall into the same category as the Dutch male colleagues. I work at home but keep my eye on the tiger; I know my children are priority one and make decisions around what I believe is best for them.

What do Dutch women know that the rest of us don’t? Is it possible for a dedicated mompreneur to have it all or is it an impossible dream?

In the U.S., if you want a regular paycheck, you work. The Dutch mindset is wired differently. Dutch women, their partners and their employers are satisfied with the culture accepting a part-time female work schedule. In 2000, they passed a law allowing women to cut back on their work hours without invoking negative employer consequences.

The American expectation doesn’t embrace what the Dutch take for granted. American women are expected to do it all.

For women who have chosen to work outside the home, this hard reality persists. Hiring employers want to see a driven, dedicated job candidate. Asking for occasional days off is taboo.

Because many dedicated moms, particularly single moms, cannot live with this schedule, they pursue other choices.
Working at home, particularly online, has provided an answer. Mompreneurs are taking their businesses online in unprecedented numbers.
Jill Strahan, founder of Tastefully Simple, affirms the gospel for the working mom: “When we say yes to something, we say no to something else… It all comes down to… making very intentional choices.”

Intentional choices achieve balance for all the jobs of a stay at home mom. In the world of online business, mompreneurs can make their intentional choices flex and do it all. It is possible to earn a solid paycheck and be an involved parent.

Social media and technology have opened doors for the mompreneur that makes the choices easier to make. The internet has cracked the code for American women.

It might be nice, someday, for the American culture to place a higher value on parenting (another subject for another day). In the meantime, the social networking mompreneur can make choices to balance all the jobs of being a stay at home mom-with finesse and a solid paycheck.

Mompreneurs! Master social networking skills and balance all the jobs of a stay at home mom according to the choices you make. It is not an impossible dream. Click on the link, fill out the box and get immediate, free access to video trainings, especially #2 and #3, that will get you started achieving lifestyle balance now.

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