Reasons to Have Internet Business and Types of Business For Mompreneur

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There are many different types of home based business for mompreneur, some moms starts the business by selling physical products such as kids clothes, homemade bakery and jewelry. I am having my home based internet business and some of you may wonder why should I choose Internet Business and what are the reasons to have Internet Business. Let me share with you my main 5 reasons to have home based internet business.

5 Reasons For Mompreneur To Have Internet Business


The wonderful part of internet business is no physical products and inventories involved and it is completely autopilot. You just need to set up the system and it will run automated and you can have more time with your family. For example, For example, selling Ebooks involve no inventory and it lets you sell anytime and anywhere without barriers of countries.

With the advantages of internet business, you could avoid those sales calls, meet up with customers or busy taking sales. Moms choose to work from home basically because want to have more time with the family and especially kids. If you would like to have more time with your family and kids, internet business definitely is a good choice.

Unlimited Income

For internet business, unlimited income is the combination of hard work and persistence. If you start your business in a correct mindset using correct system, you could enjoy passive income very soon. Invest yourself in education is very important, with the right guidance, and internet business can start generating income almost immediately.

Low Investment High Profit Margin

You need very little cost to get the business started. All you need is a self hosting website and it costs less than $20 per month. Of course there are more investments such as equipments, marketing tools and education funds. It’s very flexible and depends on your business home budget.


With a laptop you can start doing business anywhere you want whenever you want. Internet business gives us the time and location flexibility. It is all up to your arrangement to work from home or work from a place you like as long as there is internet connection. You could work at home follow the schedule you plan or work at the library while doing some reading.

Working at home gives you the ability to spend more time with your kids and able to give them tender care while they get sick or accompany them for their school activities. Since there is autopilot and no physical products involved, you do not need to check the order everyday and it lets you have great time enjoy your vacation and at the same time earning money.

Self Esteem

Many moms start to work from home because of the motivation of money. However, there are other reasons to have own business and in fact starting and becoming successful in our own business can boost the feelings of self worth.

For moms who really have no ideas on what home business to start, I suggest you to start from a blog and share your knowledge and expertise in your field. By sharing, you will gain more and you’ll soon have ideas on how to get your business start and hence grow your business.

After you have read my reasons on choosing internet business for your home based business, let me share with you the types of internet business that are suitable for mompreneur.

Types of Internet Business for Mompreneur

There are few types of internet businesses for Mompreneur and if you have no idea what kind of internet business you should get started with, here are some ideas for using internet to achieve your dreams.

1. Theme-Based-Content Website

Theme based content website simply means blogging for profits. Nowadays blogging for profits is not a new topic and many people including moms have their own website blogging on the topic that they love and start makes some income through monetize their website. You can start blogging on the topic you have passion on and make your site content rich. One way to monetize website is through Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a program that allows website owners to display advertisements on their website. When the visitors click on the ads, you will make money.

2. Ebook Publisher

Selling ebooks is an awesome way to make money online because the books are in electronic format which allow your customers to download even in the midnight. It can be easily transferred over the Internet and doesn’t need to deal with shipping the product.

Don’t worry about poor writing because you can always hire a writer to develop the ebook for you. If you have a passion for writing, you can write it yourself too. All you need is the skill to market online.

3. Offer a Service Online

Everyone has his/her own personal talents and interests. I believe moms too have own talents and interests. It is always a good idea to translate your talents and interests into a service that you can offer from the convenience of your own home. It is all depends on your qualifications and your interests. For example, if you are good in bookkeeping, you may offer bookkeeping services to providing audits. Other ideas of online services include Travel Planner, Copywriter or Party Planner.

4. Sell Products Online

You can get started with internet business by selling products online. You are selling physical products BUT do not need to hold any physical inventories by your own. Amazon is an online store that allows you to choose the products you want to sell from the market place and start selling immediately. You can easily choose the products you want to promote from the Amazon and market their products at your own website. To get started, you just need to register as their affiliate member and choose the products based on your interests. They have wide range of products such as kitchen and dining, jewelry, toys and also sports. You just need to explore yourself which products are your niche.

5. Affiliate Programs

There are many affiliate programs which allow you to become their affiliate and earn on a commission basis. You just need to register as their affiliate and promote their programs or products online. When your marketing develops a sale, you get paid a commission by the product or service owner.

You need to be very careful when choosing the affiliate programs or products. Evaluate the programs and use it by yourself before you recommend to others. Also, try to avoid Make Money Scams!

Starting own business and become Mompreneur is not difficult at all. Make sure you clear about your reasons to work from home and choose the type of internet business you want to get started. If you want to follow your dreams, be a work at home mom and make a good income, just go do it!

Moon Loh is a Mompreneur and has home based internet business. She believes moms can have own life and enjoy financial freedom while spending time with the family members. Her motto is “There is a Will, there is a Way!” and she shares her learning curves and experiences of being a Mompreneur at Mompreneur Asia

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