5 Savvy Business Tips to Gain Momentum in Your Business

Diversification (marketing strategy)

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Getting new clients and gaining momentum in your business is probably one of the easiest things to do and you just need to think in a different way. You need to be willing to do what 99% of your competition is unwilling to do. Here are 5 ways to to get more clients and gain momentum in your business:

Business Tip 1. Referral Systems are a Gold Vein of Opportunity.

Are you missing out on this gold vein of opportunity? Let’s take a look at the 4 reasons you want at least one referral system into place: 1) this one marketing strategy will give you a client that will buy more often; 2) they will buy for a longer period of time; 3) they will also buy a higher quality of product or service; 4) and they will buy a higher quantity of product or service; once your system is in place you spend less time on getting clients. Here are two real world examples and the impact referrals can have on your business growth.
I had been brought into a company that was experiencing a slump in their sales. And what did I find? No referral system. We introduced one system and brought sales up. Then we introduced two more referral systems for a total of three systems and brought sales up again. What’s the bottom line? This company experienced a sales increase over $19,000,000 (a 42% increase in business) in a very short 10 months!

One of my Platinum VIP Clients was experiencing a slump in her sales. After looking at her business I saw and opportunity for an amazing referral program that would create exponential sales explosion! When we discussed it, her eyes popped. Why? Because she figured without getting any new clients she was sitting on three quarters of a million dollars that she could tap into right away. The truth you just have to know where to look for the money.

Business Tip 2. Front Load Your Sales.

It is amazing! I am finding what has worked in one industry works in many other industries. I found this little secret out when I was in charge of marketing for a small new home builder. Let me share the secret with you…

When we were getting ready to release a new home community for sale, we would have the construction of the product well underway, set a sales date, put up a sign, have the doors open for giving out information and start gathering names and loan applications.

On the day we had the first sale, we would offer a limited number of homes for sale at an irresistible price (this is before they’re even ready for occupancy). You are able to do this, too!

When you are offering a teleclass or launching a new product or service, start early and build interest and momentum in your product or service, create urgency and offer it at a HIGHLY irresistible price.

Business Tip 3. Align With Your Congruency Factor and Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum.

At my Pathways to Your Profitable Purpose workshop, I shared a story about Paddy Lund. Paddy is a dentist and when he went into practice he looked around to see how other dentists marketed their practice and he followed suit. In a moment you will see why this is a bad idea.

Paddy ended up with $65,000 annual revenues, working long hours and feeling dog-tired at the end of the day. The day came when Paddy remolded his office into a more spacious, warm and friendly surrounding which reflected the essence of tranquility where he could serve tea to his patients while he sat and visited with his patients. Paddy reopened the office and worked only by referral. He soon transformed his $65,000 practice to a $400,000 practice.

A participant at that workshop took this story to heart. She made some changes to her dance business and went from charging $65 per hour to charging $200 per hour. How’s that for profit AND getting paid what you’re worth:)

Business Tip 4. Move from Marketing Tactically to Marketing Strategically.

Strategic vs. tactic marketing. Do you know the difference? If you are doing a lot of things and not seeming to get anything done, putting out a lot of energy feeling like you are chasing clients and chasing down business, you probably are experiencing tactical marketing. You are in a vicious cycle of working long hours and bringing in mediocre returns.

Let me give you an example of strategy.

If you were a General and your job was to overtake a hill. Overtaking the hill would be the strategy. That’s the over-arching goal. The way you decide to over-take the hill would be the tactic portion of the job you are setting out to do.

If you have done your job and positioned your company in the marketplace, what you will experience is the joy of having your prospects and customers come to you. They seek you out as the obvious choice to serve their needs.

Business Tip 5. Use Your Competitors.

And you say, why would my competitor want to help me?

Well, who you think your competition is may in fact not really be your competition. Let’s take the field of professional organizers. An organizer is an organizer is an organizer. Not necessarily so. I met with an organizer the other day who helps new car dealerships get organized so they can be more productive and make more sales. Wouldn’t it be to her benefit to talk with other organizers and let them know her specialty?

Another real world example. A friend of mine who is a realtor was talking

with one of her competitors and he is planning on retiring the business after 30 years. I had her make an appointment with him to negotiate with him an introduction and endorsement to his client base in exchange she would give him the referral every time one of his clients sells or purchases a home through her. She gets the benefit of his 30 years of work without having to do any upfront marketing saving her time and money and he gets the benefit of knowing his clients will be well taken care of by a very capable and ethical real estate professional and he continues to make money without the work and headache after he retires.

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