3 Ways to Avoid Social Media Burnout

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Well, if your a big fan of Twitter, Facebook and MySpace then you already know in order to use them effectively as a social media marketing tool, you have to stay on TOP of your game and keep a routine going to get you the best exposure and reach, to build your credibility and relationships.

3 Ways To Avoid Social Media Burnout… What Is It?

Have you ever spent a TON of time organizing your social media profiles, adding new website URL‘s, and making sure that your able to reply to just about everyone that either reply to you or send you a email? Then, you already know how TIRING it can be trying to keep up to the point you just want to turn off the computer and get back to it later… That’s social media burnout 😉

#1 – Limit Your Time… This is one of the most important ones. It can be tempting wanting to reply to everyone and to let everyone know that you really do care, but it can also be frustrating too. The BEST way I deal with this and it’s one that you’re going to have to get use to.

ONLY qualify those that are worth your time first and reply to them, like your actual friends, joint venture partners etc. Let people know where they can reach you, like your email or by phone and your time available. Then you can reply to others later on to free up your time. Setting a time frame to work on this is important.

#2 – Hire Help To Manage It… This one is really simple to do, you would surprised at how much people would love to write articles, guest blog post, or even create new content for you. One of the best ways to do this is to hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) to help you manage these task.

You can find a lot of respected Virtual Assistants on Twitter by going to “twitter search” and typing in “virtual assistants” or you can find a Virtual Assistant Twitter List that has 100’s of Virtual Assistants ready to take on your social media campaign. Make sure your Virtual Assistant is experienced with social media marketing.

#3 – Measure/Choose The Right Social Media Platform… If your going to be using social media marketing, you definitely want to make sure that you know which networks to choose and how to measure your influence and statistics correctly. It’s easy to use Facebook or Twitter all day, BUT if you don’t know which one is actually giving you more exposure for your personal brand and websites, then it’s not worth using them at all.

For example, do not just measure by the amount of @ replies, direct messages, or emails you receive, sure that does say a little about your influence, but it’s best to go deeper such as measuring your actual website statistics. Where are your visitors coming from? How long are they staying on your website? How much times are they returning etc…

Social Media is FUN, and if used effectively will produce traffic, sales, signups and subscribers, but you HAVE to know what’s working, and why it’s working so that you can rinse and repeat and take your personal brand to a higher level. It’s easy to get social media burnout, it happens to the best of us, but these 3 methods will help you eliminate as much of the hassle as possible.

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