How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Quickly and Efficiently

Somewhere in cyberspace (or maybe through a friend’s recommendation) you stumbled upon the term Virtual Assistant.  It sounded intriguing so you did a little research.  The more you read, the more you realized that this could be a fabulous solution for you.  You decide it’s time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant.  Then you get stuck.

How do you find one?  What kind of VA do you need?  How much is this gonna cost?  How do we communicate?  How does this all work?

Well let’s start at the beginning. Before you even begin the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant there are a few things that need to be worked out first.
What kinds of tasks do you want them to take on? Write it out with as much detail and structure as you possible can. Are you comfortable with working with someone virtually?  Can you handle not being able to see someone fact to face? If so, map out how you would feel most comfortable communicating with your Virtual Assistant.  Decide how often you’ll want to touch base with them. It’s important to know this ahead of time so that you can find a Virtual Assistant that is compatible with you and your work flow. How many hours do you think you’ll need them for each week/month? How much can you afford to budget for this?  Take into account how much more productive you will be during those hours that your Virtual Assistant will be freeing you up.  For example, if your hourly rate is $200, at $50 per hour for a Virtual Assistant, for that same $200 you can  free up 4 hours, opening your availability to make an additional $800.

Once you’ve worked these things out, it’s time to find your candidates.  You could probably Google Virtual Assistant + whatever niche or specialty you’re looking for and then try contacting them one by one but this would be incredibly time consuming and not the best solution.  There are a number of different Virtual Assistant Networking sites and Associations that not only maintain directories of Virtual Assistants by specialty, but also allow you to post an RFP, a request for proposal.

An RFP allows you to take all of your answers from the questions above and put them out there on these sites so that the Virtual Assistants with the proper qualifications can contact you and take some of the legwork out of the process.  Remember, the more specific and detailed you are the more you’ll narrow down the candidates and the more likely you’ll be to find the perfect person right away.  Clear communication is the key to working with anyone, but especially in the Virtual world where facial expressions or tone of voice don’t come into play.   Avoid misunderstandings or disappointments by always being as detailed and specific as you can in all of your communications.

Some of the most popular sites are: or  International Virtual Assistants Association Virtual Assistant Forums A Clayton’s Secretary Find Virtual Home Secretarial Service The Virtual Assistance Chamber of Commerce

Once you’ve posted your RFP, just sit back and relax.  You’ll get an influx of proposals from qualified, professional Virtual Assistants ready to partner with you.  From there it’s just a matter of connecting with them and discerning which one you feel the most comfortable with.  The fact that you were clear in communicating what you wanted in your RFP will result in only the most compatible Virtual Assistants contacting you.

You can visit us at and learn how one of our VA’s can help take your business to the next level.

We provide a wide range of back-office operations, administrative support and virtual assistant services from secretarial, typing and clerical tasks, to social media marketing, SEO, PPC campaigns, translation/interpretation, mobile notary services, transcription, bookkeeping, graphic design, résumé writing, career coaching and more. If you can think of something to delegate – we can do it. We serve businesses and individuals worldwide, helping them to MODERNIZE, ORGANIZE, SIMPLFY©.

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