Facebook: Great Marketing Tool or Annoying Distraction?

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Facebook: Good business tool or annoying distraction?

            Facebook was introduced at Harvard University in 2004 and was originally called TheFacebook.  Its core idea was to be a network for college students to communicate.  Facebook has since grown to be one of the largest social networks on the web, at over 8 million unique users in the United States alone.  (Yadav)  Many thought that social media would fade away and become a dying fad but the truth is that Social Media, “in less than three years, has become the most popular activity on the web.”  (Swartz)  Facebook has found a way to facilitate engagement and connection between people like never before. 

With these facts, it is no wonder many businesses have started exploring the use of Facebook as a business tool.  However, there is huge debate going on in the marketing and corporate world as to the benefits and drawbacks of using Facebook as a way of connecting and engaging with customers.  Many businesses have not yet embraced social media networking as a major component of their success strategy for a multitude of reasons.  Some companies steer clear of Facebook because they feel it is a distraction to their overall goals, too time consuming, results can’t be measured, investing more effort than getting qualified buyers in return (poor ROI).  Read more of this post


How to Hire a Virtual Assistant Quickly and Efficiently

Somewhere in cyberspace (or maybe through a friend’s recommendation) you stumbled upon the term Virtual Assistant.  It sounded intriguing so you did a little research.  The more you read, the more you realized that this could be a fabulous solution for you.  You decide it’s time for you to hire a Virtual Assistant.  Then you get stuck.

How do you find one?  What kind of VA do you need?  How much is this gonna cost?  How do we communicate?  How does this all work?

Well let’s start at the beginning. Before you even begin the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant there are a few things that need to be worked out first. Read more of this post

Small Business Tips For Tough Times

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The easiest thing to do may be to open a search engine and type in a little information about your business (such as “real estate“) and “business tips for tough times”. It may be all you need to get advice. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, though, there are sites that are designed to offer tips, as well as answer any questions you may have about running your business.

About.com, a network of sites that offer lots of great information on a variety of topics, has a small business site. It offers articles and blog posts that give business tips for tough times, and has a forum that you can use to ask questions that can be answered by other small business owners who might be in the same situation as you. Read more of this post

Top 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Money!

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Have you ever considered hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Many business owners have never thought of hiring a virtual assistant despite the growing popularity of this home based business. Some still don’t even know what a Virtual assistants are and just how cost effective they can be. In fact, Virtual Assistants are one of the most affordable contract professionals you can use for outsourcing!

One of the benefits the Virtual Assistant can provide is a cost effective way of obtaining high level administrative services. Most virtual assistants in the United States and other native English speaking countries charge between $35 -$75 per hour. At first glance this may seem like a high fee and maybe you are wondering just how a Virtual Assistant can save you money? Read more of this post

Social Networking Mompreneurs – Balancing All The Jobs Of A Stay At Home Mom

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Per a recent Slate article, Dutch women have cracked the ‘secret’ work-life-balance code. This code is the holy grail for social networking mompreneurs. These moms want to know how to balance all the jobs of a stay at home mom. For some reasons, that subject was not included in the traditional school curriculum, even for those who actually listened during home-ec.

According to Slate, Dutch women have the best of all worlds. They are happier, better adjusted women who “work half days, meet their friends for coffee at 2 pm. and pity their male colleagues who are stuck in the office all day.” Read more of this post

Virtual Assistants Can Help Internet Marketers Grow Their Business

Cover of "Grow Your Business"

Cover of Grow Your Business

A virtual assistant can help you if you’re an internet marketer who wants to grow your business bottomline. Virtual assistants can handle some of your specialized daily tasks and your administrative support tasks. And they do it from their office, not yours. By outsourcing tasks (even ones you’re capable of doing yourself) to a virtual assistant, you’re able to spend your time strategically growing your business and working on bottom-line functions.

A virtual assistant works virtually, thanks to technology like email, telephone, fax machines, postal mail and courier services. You won’t have to provide an office space or office equipment for your virtual assistant. VAs, as they’re sometimes called, already have that. Plus you won’t have to pay a virtual assistant benefits or a salary. A VA is not your employee but rather an independent contractor. Virtual assistants can work for you on an hourly basis, project basis or on a monthly retainer basis. Read more of this post

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